Svayam Logo :- The Svayam logo contains a red ‘chakra’ (open ended wheel) with symbolic blue coloured head with spread wings in the middle of the Chakra. Organization’s name ‘Svayam’ is written on right side of the Chakra where ‘v’ is underlined with a red line; and the text below the logo, separated by a blue line reads: DIGNITY FOR PEOPLE WITH REDUCED MOBILITY

Svayam written in Roman script is a Sanskrit word that means ‘self and one’s inner quest to realise self.’

Image of the Red open ended Chakra in Svayam Logo

The chakra represents space and constant movement which denotes limitless possibilities…

Red lines of chakra indicate energy.



Image of Symbolic being with spread wingsThe symbolic head indicates a human being.

..and spread wings denote acceptance and celebration of diversity with open arms,

and also that each human being irrespective of his body form, is a free soul in this universe ready to achieve one’s potential.



Image of Red underlined alphabet V in SvayamV’ for Victory in ‘Svayam’ is underlined in red to denote that organisation puts all its energy and resources to achieve its goal  i.e.  Dignity for People with Reduced Mobility.