What is an Environment Of Inclusion

Inclusion is where each person is made part of the environment in an equal way. All the services, products in the present environment doesn’t exclude anyone in terms of usability and accessibility.

Environment of inclusion is especially crucial for growing kids, people with reduced mobility, pregnant women, elderly , people who have reduced ability etc.

What does environment of inclusion truly includes

  • Environment of inclusion in the most basic physical terms would involve creating a physical world that poses no inaccessibility challenge to any person especially for those with reduced mobility. It involves incorporating universal designs at virtually all places from education institutions, bus stations, railway stations, airports, public markets, parking areas, hospitals, government buildings, banka etc. This inclusive environment would esnure that each person is promised self independence, and is able to live their life with dignity.
  • Attitudinal awareness — An inclusive environment is not only composed of accessible, universal designs but it also involves the attitude of people living in that particular environment. One of the major hurdles that people with reduced mobility or ability face is not just from inaccessible designs, services but also because of the attitude of their peers whether it’s co-workers at the workplace or family members or people living in that particular community. Therefore it’s imperative to raise more awareness about how our behaviours and attitudes can bring about a major change in the lives of people with reduced mobility.

Creating a change through laws — to implement universal designs, accessible environment that includes everybody in virtually all aspects of the society it is important to seal the change through laws that are implemented and regulated.

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