Accessibility in the changing times

Accessibility simply means — “the ability to be accessed or reached”

Accessibility can be practiced in a number of aspects including design and infrastructure, products of both personal and public use, public and private services, web applications and designs.

The notion highlights the importance of facilitating access for people with reduced mobility and different abilities through better planning, universal designs including the use of technology.

Barrier Free Design

It is an approach towards creating spaces that can be used by a maximum number of people. A barrier free infrastructure involves using a number of measures that makes it safe and accessible. It includes

– incorporation of ramps appropriate for walking and wheeling in public and private spaces

– Using proper signage

– Using guiding blocks on the floor to guide those with reduced visual abilities

– Instructions in Braille

– Accessible hospital designs, water cooler designs and more!

Accessibility isn’t simply for those who have major impairment but also includes children, pregnant women, senior citizens etc.

reduced ability is a global public health issue — it affects one in seven people worldwide. Everyone is as likely to experience some or other form of reduced ability at some point in our lives. Therefore accessibility is helpful for all of us and not just a particular section of the community.

Neither is accessibility limited to the physical world — it also includes web accessibility.

Which includes websites, tools, and technology that are created and developed in such a way that individuals with disabilities can use them. People can perceive, interpret, navigate, and engage with the web easily, as well as contribute.

SVAYAM’s mission is to promote accessibility and a barrier free physical and online world. A Hindi word for “Self”, It’s mission is to promote self reliance and self — sufficiency by crafting universal designs.

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