Accessible Vaccination Drives By Svayam

A fair and equitable access to immunisation can be a challenge for those with reduced mobility. Due to lack of barrier free centres, resources, information, mode of conveyance- it can be a significant undertaking for them to get immunised safely.

Svayam is proud of its initiative that challenges inaccessibility and discrimination present pertaining to reduced mobility. Svayam ensured accessible and barrier free immunisation drives and provided for 9 out of 11 Government Of India’s vaccination centres for people with reduced mobility.

68% of the total population with reduced mobility which was vaccinated in Delhi was carried through Svayam’s initiative of Accessible Immunisation.
The vaccination centres were designed to be barrier free including suitable vans for transport, ramps, and other facilities that ensured safety for those with reduced mobility.

The convenient vans for conveyance with wheelchairs and other necessary equipment were an essential safeguard.

Necessary measures in terms of design and commute were combined with audits. Conducting audits at regular intervals at various vaccination centres of Delhi to improve upon the present infrastructure and services — to make it more accessible. The audits have allowed for an increase in the number of people registering and walking in for vaccination through our accessible drive.

With an objective to reach a large number of people with reduced mobility and ability — Svayam has raised awareness for the mission through online and conventional print media platforms.

After being largely successful and helpful in the capital, the empowering vision of accessibility and immunisation together will next target a free pan-India vaccination drive with an aim to spread the same message in the remotest of areas.

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